Marie Jeanne Vera, M.D., FPBA

On Call Anesthesiologist

Dr. Jeanne Vera or Doc Jeanne has been the On Call Anesthesiologist of Tooth Options Dental and Implant Centerfor moe than a decade. Aside from being a licensed pharmacist, a suited pre-medical course for her chosen specialization; she is also a Diplomate subspecializing in Pediatric Anesthesiology. She earned her degree in Doctor of Medicine at Manila Central University – Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation.

Doc Jeanne had her residency and fellowship trainings at the Philippine General Hospital. She has six research papers under her belt, two of which are published in the Philippine Journal of Anesthesiology.  She is a proud member of the Philippine Medical Association, Manila Medical Society, MCU-FDTMF Alumni Association, and the Society of Pediatric Anesthesiologists.

Doc Jeanne is known to be well adept with dental procedures and sensitive to her patients’ different levels of anxiety. Discussing each case with the center’s head dentist, she would perform sedation with patient safety and comfort as her primary goals while providing ease of operation for the surgeon.

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